August fishing report for Stuart, FL

Fishing Report 8/16/17

    August is prime time for live baiting larger than average Snook in our St. Lucie inlet. Inlet rigs & live bait rigs will be your best bet for these oversized giants this week out by the jetties. Greenies, Sardines, Grunts, & pilchards are all working well. Just please be sure to get a quick picture and release them as gently as possible. Boga grips or Rapala fish grips are an excellent tool for handling Snook with care. Boat side pictures with your Snook still in the water is the most humane way to take a great photo and ensure a safe release for these large breeding Snook for the next couple weeks.


Fishing nearshore wrecks and along local beaches are yielding great action this week. Running the beach this time of year you can expect to see Tarpon, Snook, Jack Crevelles, Cobia, & even the occasional Sailfish. Live baits will work best doing what I call the run & gun. Running until you spot a school of fish then doing a wide circle and slowly approaching and casting artificial and or live baits to the leading fish. Targeting the fish on the outside of the school keeps the school from spooking and enables multiple shots at fish without scaring the entire school of fish. Local wrecks are holding a wide variety of species. Anchor up and try fishing the entire water column for desired results. You can expect to catch Snapper, Grouper, Cobia, Kingfish, Bonita, Sharks, Almaco Jacks, Blue runners, Sardines, etc.


    This has been a stellar week for live baiting sailfish offshore. Sabiking large greenies and Sardines will be your ticket to success. Stop at any local nearshore wreck and load up the live wells! Slow trolling or kite fishing with be your best bet. Find a good condition and put up the kites & or slow troll along these edges, color changes, weed lines, etc for a higher success rate. Kingfish have been mixed in so having a tracer wire ready to fire out is always a good idea. Also expect plenty of pesky Bonita, a stray Mahi, Cobia, and larger Blackfin Tuna. We haven’t seen any Wahoo this week but the august full moon is prime time to target them.

    Tight Lines,
    Capt. Jonathan

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